Axiologik Skills Spotlight: Satyashil Adnaik

Each month we'll be sharing insight into the roles, skill set and experience belonging to members of the team. This month, we shine a light on Scrum Master at Axiologik, Satyashil Adnaik.

1. What is your job role/s?

I’m a Scrum Master at Axiologik, currently engaged at Genomics England Limited.

2. What are your responsibilities within this role?

I provide a specialist service by leading the team in the adoption of agile practices, improvement of the teams output and coaching of other scrum masters.

My responsibilities are separated into 3 areas:

  • To service the Scrum Team: Coach them to self-manage, help create high value increments, remove impediments, facilitate Scrum events
  • Service the product owner: Help find techniques for effective product backlog management
  • Service the organisation: Lead, train and coach the organization in its Scrum adoption.

3. What do you enjoy most about your role?

The output of the specialist service that I provide in enabling teams but what drives me most is the noble cause of Genomics England in bringing the vast benefits of genomic healthcare to patients, through personalised medicine and mitigating hereditary disease. I am also honoured to play my part in enabling COVID research to be carried out. Very few engagements provide the opportunity to have such a positive impact on society itself, something that every one of us can relate to and benefit from.

4. What skills set is required for your role?

The top 3 skills that I have leveraged to deliver my role are:

  • Leading and facilitating change
  • Servant leadership
  • Agile mindset

5. What would you say are your most enhanced skills?

My most enhanced skills are both helping people to become self-organised, and taking pride in their work and deliveries.

6. Examples of where you’ve developed these skills

Over the past 6 years, I have leveraged the benefits of Agile (Scrum, Kanban) over Waterfall, for example:

  • Agile is an incremental and flexible approach that responds to change
  • The client is continuously involved at every stage.
  • Agile teams are extremely motivated and self-organised

This has led to a better success rate, a better ROI and a team that takes pride in the project

7. With this in mind, please share a project that you’ve worked on where these skills have helped you to develop successful results for the client?

At Genomics England Ltd, I ensured that the Scrum framework was understood and enacted, this led to the set up of the first mature Scrum team which served as an example for the organisation to follow and also set the foundations for adoption of a scaled agile framework.

I facilitated the build of the COVID Research Environment which is now used by scientists, academics, and pharmaceutical companies to conduct research on COVID-19.

I enabled their team to become more disciplined, transparent and motivated them to take pride in their product and team, helping during each step of the entire journey.

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