Delivering transformative IT in retail with a legend of the high street

The Context

Axiologik won in competition with Big4 consulting firms to carry out an end-to-end programme review of a globally recognised, high fashion retailer’s business and IT transformation programme.

What We Did

The Axiologik team's review covered the client's operating model, technical strategy, schedule, risk, partner engagement model and programme management capability using Axiologik's proprietary programme and portfolio assessment toolkit.

The team were subsequently retained to provide ongoing Programme Delivery Assurance, reporting to the Programme Sponsor. Assessment was carried out via monthly onsite meetings with key programme and business personnel and personnel from supplier partners.

The Results

Axiologik identified significant areas of programme risk and opportunities for risk reduction. Overall, engagement led to restructuring of programme team to increase accountability, though major challenges still exist, but are now being actively managed at executive level.

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