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Open standards, APIs, versioning, immutability, containerisation, cloud architecture, idempotency, micro-services, event-driven architectures, eventual consistency, platform-based architectures, channel / service design / product strategy - it’s easy to be blinded by technical jargon and lose sight of the fact that systems and services are architected to deliver a purpose.

Our Digital Enterprise Architecture service translates business strategy into technology standards, roadmaps, architecture practices, control frameworks and assurance mechanisms to ensure that technology is a source of advantage rather than an impediment. Highly performant and operable digital services require deep expertise in modern techniques with the knowledge that architecture is a strategic journey that requires vision, alignment and control.

We specialise in adapting complex, brownfield, legacy architectures for fast product flow through applied technology strategy, architecture leadership, solution-level ‘know how’ and a focus on software operability and have successfully led architecture teams on some of the largest digital programmes in the world.

A key aspect of our approach is the rigorous alignment of technology and architecture practices to strategy. We believe that technology and architecture must never be an end in itself. If you’re looking for vision with deep expertise, contact our team today to find out how we can help you to move forward at or 01138 715 006.

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