Engineering strategy andleadership

The ability to release software quickly and safely is key to business performance. We help clients speed up delivery by applying modern engineering practices. We establish a lean, data-driven, continuous improvement mindset focused on driving engineering improvements every day. We have particular experience in making this happen in the most challenging circumstances– brownfield, regulated, legacy and highly-coupled environments.

In fact, we've helped large-scale public sector organisations shift their release cadence from months to on-demand, by focusing on agile methods, architectural decoupling, advanced engineering practices and continuous improvement cultures. At the same time, we’re recognised leaders in bringing ‘service’ and ‘product’ thinking to public sector organisations.

We have deep expertise in modern technologies and techniques such as continuous delivery, cloud native architectures and observability, all backed by a solid track record in applying these in scaled, complex environments. We provide engineering strategy and leadership to help you deliver meaningful change, faster.

Our services

Real world services

The range of services we offer has evolved through direct, hands-on experience, supporting organisations through large-scale programmes of digital change.

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