Service design

Human centred service design

Our Service Design teams focus always on people— putting user centred design front and centre. We help organisations design whole services that work effectively across physical and digital channels to ensure the right problems are solved in the right way. The aim— to create lifetime customer value.

We support you to factor in every aspect of the problem space - even non-digital service channels through a combination of user research, product design, content design and service design. Our expert support ensures you deliver services that are impactful, user-centric, accessible, intuitive and effective.

Product design UX & UI

Product design plays a critical role in the success of an organisations products and services. Creating products and services that meet the needs of your users and solve a problem they faces critical to ensuring longevity and use. Consideration must be given to a wide range of factors, including aesthetics, functionality, usability, sustainability, and manufacturability.

By investing in product design, businesses can improve the user experience, increase customer satisfaction, andultimately achieve higher profits. Product design can also contribute to a positive brand image, as customers are more likely to associate a well-designed product with quality and reliability. Our expert team can support you in delivering products and services that truly create impact.

User research

User research helps organisations to understand their customers' needs, preferences and behaviours to provide insight into how customers interact with products or services. Without understanding this businesses struggle will struggle to create experiences that meet their customers' needs.

Helping businesses understand customer motivations and decision-making processes allows for the informing of product design, marketing and sales strategies by identifying new market opportunities and competitive advantage.

Ultimately, businesses that invest in user research are better positioned to create products and services that are relevant, useful, and desirable to their customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Our services

Real world services

The range of services we offer has evolved through direct, hands-on experience, supporting organisations through large-scale programmes of digital change.

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