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About us


We drive digital evolution

We are a digital change consultancy, and work with organisations to deliver large-scale change programmes in the most complex environments. Through the design and optimisation ofyour operating models, we enable you to more effectively deliver change and drive business value.

Our consultants are innovators and practitioners. We are hands-on, ensuring the effective delivery of clearly measurable value.

Importantly, we care deeply about our role in society. We are proud of the impact of our work within the public sector, particularly national health, and we support and invest heavily in our local community.

Axiologik: what's in a name?

Axiology in philosophy is the study of the value – its nature, how we determine value and what things are valuable to us. It holds a particular meaning for us and reflects our relentless focus on outcomes that deliver value – for the organisations we work with, and for the wider community.

Axiologik in facts and figures

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Our story

Our story

Axiologik is the result of seeing the opportunity to challenge the status quo. Our three founders, Adrian Stanbury, Ben Davison and Rob Stanger had spent much of their working lives turning around large transformation programmes that could have been better. And regularly they observed the same patterns of challenges again and again. They saw that, in most cases, those challenges were set in before a project had gotten properly off the ground.

So they started to ask the question:

What if we did it differently, right from the start?

Our story

A different approach

Axiologik is the result of wanting to do things differently. We make digital change better by asking the right questions from the beginning and listening closely to the answers.

We are so much more than the sum of our parts. We hire great people and give them space to collaborate and create. We have a pool of experience that is deep and wide, and we put the lessons we’ve learned to use in every project we take on. We believe that what we do has a real-world impact, and we strive every day to make it a positive one.

Nothing gives us a greater sense of fulfilment than seeing a project deliver on its promise. We don’t do digital for the sake of it. We do it to bring concrete benefits to ambitious organisations.

Meeting digital delivery standards

Each and every one of our services is designed to be compatible with global delivery standards for smooth integration and complete compliance.

Our policies, procedures and systems meet international information management standards, helping you to be confident that the work we do is trusted and in safe hands.


  • ISO 27001:2017
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • GDS Service Manual
  • Cyber Essential Plus
  • Technology Code of Practice


  • Technology Services 3 (Lots 1 & 3d) (RM6100)
  • Digital Outcomes & Specialists (RM1043)
  • G-Cloud (RM1557)
  • CCS Cloud Compute 2
  • SBS Cloud Solutions 2
  • SBS Digital Health Advisory
  • Bank of England Technology Support Services Framework (Lot 7)
  • FCA Digital Services Framework
Our standards
Social impact

Our services may be digital, but we know it’s people who make the real difference. That’s why we go above and beyond to positively contribute to the society we serve.

We had a direct hand in the UK’s fight against COVID-19, by leading the creation of the digital services for COVID Testing and vaccination required by NHS Digital. On top of this, we’re also leading the transformation of the tracing and outbreak management services for the UK Health Security Agency.

Working with and funding the Leeds Community Foundation is a big part of our effort to tackle economic inequality. The LCF distributes vital grants and offers much-needed support to community organisations across the Leeds and Bradford region, driving meaningful social impact for thousands of local people every year.

We have great ambitions when it comes to Carbon Reduction Plans and with the help of specialist carbon offsetting partners like the Future Forest Company, we’ll proudly become a Climate Positive Business.

Meet the team

At Axiologik, we pride ourselves on working with a dedicated, forward thinking team

Our culture and values

At Axiologik, we want to make a positive impact, in both what we do and the way we do it. Our culture and values drive that ambition.

Our culture and values
Featured insight

Helping the Home Office build the digital future of immigration

Axiologik were engaged by the Immigration Technology Portfolio, a large digital transformation portfolio within the Home Office’s Digital Data and Technology directorate, to transform the maturity of project and product delivery across their organisation of circa 900 personnel.

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