Helping the Home Office build the digital future of immigration.

The Context

Axiologik were engaged by the Immigration Technology Portfolio, a large digital transformation portfolio within the Home Office’s Digital Data and Technology directorate, to transform the maturity of project and product delivery across their organisation of circa 900 personnel.

The Immigration Technology Portfolio’s remit is to build the digital future of immigration for the UK, streamlining the way in which eligibility is determined to visit, work or remain in the UK and how the reduction of illegal population on our shores is managed.

"Axiologik have led the transformation of culture with the Immigration Technology Portfolio, helping us to create a leaner organisation."

John Holben, Chief Technology Officer for the Immigration Technology Portfolio

What We Did

Axiologik were selected for their expertise in bringing structure, rigour, transparency & repeatability to delivery on large portfolios and their experience in building sustainable, large scale, enterprise product management teams.

As part of their engagement, Axiologik restructured the organisation to bring greater accountability and efficiency across the portfolio. Project delivery processes and governance arrangements were rationalised from top to bottom and brought under a consistent execution and governance framework to increase transparency and predictability.

The Axiologik team also led the implementation of a product management organisation focused on building long term, sustainable products for the Home Office, balancing investment in driving customer outcomes with improving how the products were built, tested and released.

The Axiologik team remained to drive adoption of the benefits, heading up both project and product delivery for the Portfolio and delivering significant improvements in effectiveness and value for money of the delivery organisation as a whole. A key aspect of the approach was implementing data-driven management, instrumenting the delivery lifecycle and using rich data to provide insight on delivery performance and provide the basis for a continuous improvement culture.

"They introduced a new set of project delivery processes and engineering standards for the portfolio which have provided a foundation for better management."

John Holben, Chief Technology Officer for the Immigration Technology Portfolio

The Results

Axiologik brought structured, repeatable and transparent ways of working across project and product delivery, allowing Portfolio leadership to focus on the issues that really mattered. With increased predictability and control established, Axiologik led the achievement of headcount and efficiency savings of circa 30% on the Portfolio’s largest programme whilst at the same time improving the speed and predictability of delivery. The Axiologik team also led the adoption and refinement of accelerated engineering practices across the Portfolio, resulting in a 400% increase in the ability to deliver software in the Portfolio’s largest product. At the same time, Axiologik spearheaded a number of cross-Portfolio initiatives to reduce cost and improve efficiency across the Portfolio. These included adoption of strategies to reduce cloud infrastructure cost, resulting in widespread cost reductions (up to 66% in key areas of expenditure) as well as the rationalisation of support arrangements across the enterprise in order to drive better value for money.

Efficiency Savings 30%

Increase in software delivery capability 400%

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