Stabilising a major delivery programme focussed on interoperability between GP System suppliers

The Context

Axiologik were engaged by the Primary Care Directorate, a large portfolio of programmes within NHS Digital to stabilise a major delivery programme focussed on interoperability between GP System suppliers.

The Primary Care Directorate’s remit is to manage the digital delivery of systems to support the General Practice market in England.A key part of their focus was to introduce interoperability within the GP Systems suppliers and allow the frictionless sharing of the GP Record with other systems in Health and Social Care.

"Axiologik were brought in to help de-risk and accelerate the programme of work, they quickly built strong working relationships with the team, the suppliers and stakeholders to focus on key deliverables, processes and move the programme forward at pace."

Martin Warden, NHS Digital Programme Director for Digital Transformation in General Practice

What We Did

Axiologik were selected for their expertise in major health programme delivery, bringing structure, rigour, openness and a collaborative approach to stabilising challenging programmes.

Axiologik reviewed and established a commercial baseline position with suppliers and instigated regular supplier reviews to allow for an improved flow of information and points of escalation for both parties which significantly improved the supplier relationships and transformed supplier delivery approach.

We focussed the team on near term deliverables whilst securing the long term business case support required to deliver multi-year programme outcomes. We Implemented new governance arrangements to standardise the approach, improve repeatability,transparency and predictability for key stakeholders.

Restructured the delivery approach to allow the team to quickly flex to cope with changing focus whilst retaining corporate memory in key roles and then rebalanced the team’s focus on encouraging the NHS to take up the services thereby cementing the benefits of the programme.

As a result the programme has advanced from one of the most challenging in the portfolio to one of the jewels in our crown.

Martin Warden, NHS Digital Programme Director for Digital Transformation in General Practice

The Results

Working with our partner, Aire Logic, Axiologik brought structured, repeatable and transparent ways of working across project and product delivery. We stabilised delivery, focussed on near term goals to drive early value the programme, secured long term commitment from commissioners and followed through on our commitments to deliver transformational change into the Primary Care market. We built trust with key stakeholders and suppliers and an easy to do business with approach that meant senior leadership could focus on the issues that really mattered.

The legacy of our involvement is now a long term product based roadmap of changes that mean that 99% of GP patient records can now be shared between GP’s and other health and social care organisations. The changes implemented are bringing transformational change to clinicians on the front line, giving them access to the full patient record at the right time to allow them to deliver the best possible care.

The programme was also key part of the NHS’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic implementing key changes to share records across the entire NHS meaning clinicians had access to the most up to date record at the point of care.

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