Why we have a manifesto

We generally associate values with cultural traits and we have these too.

These cultural values set out our stall for HOW we aspire to behave and how we want to be perceived. It also helps us with making sure the people we hire ‘fit’ with us and us with them. As Peter Schultz said: Hire character, train skill.

At Axiologik, we’ve been fortunate to work on some really important and significant digital transformations, such as the work we did during the COVID pandemic. We approached these projects in a certain way because the learning of our team has shaped what good digital delivery looks like, and that enabled these projects to deliver the credible success.

We’ve worked for many years on some of the largest and highest profile digital projects in the UK. Some of these projects were great successes, others weren’t. Through our time, we’ve learned there are good things to do and there are bad things to avoid. We’ve learned hard lessons when services don’t stand up to scale or where the user experience hasn’t been fully thought through. We’ve seen what happens when you don’t focus on preparing for failure as part of your core design and operated in organisations paralysed by the enormity of the challenges they need to overcome and crippled by inertia. At the same time, we’ve delivered ergonomic, highly user centric services at real pace at population scale with rock solid infrastructure in controlled and regulated environments.

"Everyone has to make compromises all the time and the ability to compromise is often what makes the difference on the big projects we excel at. "

All this learning and experience forms part of our manifesto. We passionately believe there are right ways and there are wrong ways and this permeates how we deliver projects, just as how our cultural values permeate who we are. But we’re not naive - every environment has its constraints and not everything is doable at day one.

But where you are isn’t the point - it’s what you BELIEVE that matters.

We all do our best work when cultural values and ways of working are in perfect alignment. We believe there are better ways and it’s important that we’re honest about what we believe in. This helps clients know who we are and helps potential employees know what we stand for. It’s for this reason we have a manifesto. As Peter Schultz says, hire character….

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