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Delivering the services that transform the lives of UK citizens

Since the launch of the Digital by Default strategy, our team have been at the heart of the UK Government’s transformation

Axilogik ensures the most complex government programmes are delivered in the most demanding circumstances

It is almost impossible to imagine that as recently as 2010, few government services were digitised. Today, the vast majority of citizen interactions are online from housing benefits to patent applications; fishing permits to tax returns.

Our team have been at the centre of this revolution, successfully delivering change across central government and arms-length bodies, including the Home Office, HMCTS, ONS, Companies House, DWP, Defra and HM Land Registry.

At the Home Office we transformed delivery effectiveness, reducing cost by 30% whilst increasing delivery cadence by a massive 400%. Here, we led turnaround of a critical programme to transform immigration and successfully delivered over 50 major projects.

Axiologik is registered on key government frameworks including Technology Services 3, Digital Outcomes & Specialists and G-Cloud.

You can trust us to meet the highest standards with accreditations including: ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, Technology Code of Practice, and all our work is aligned with the GDS Service Manual.

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For services to be successful they must be accessible and easy to use. Designs must be intuitive and support users ranging from digital natives to digital immigrants.

Time to Market

Time to Market

Multi-year programmes with single big-batch deliveries are no longer acceptable. Services need to be delivered in months rather than years, meeting minimum requirement to be viable and valuable.



Digital services must continue to evolve to meet ever changing need. Architectures must support on-going incremental delivery, continual feedback and learning.



Failure is not an option; millions of citizens depend on government services on a daily basis. Services must be resilient to demand, cyber-attack and platform failure.

"Axiologik has led the transformation of culture with the Immigration Technology Portfolio, helping us to create a leaner organisation."


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