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Tony Bott

Spotlight:Tony Bott - Head of Delivery

Tony, can you describe your role in 100 words or less?

As a Head of Delivery, my primary role is to support and lead complex change initiatives on behalf of the client. Usually, I’m working across multiple business areas, often requiring several technology and process changes to come together in order to deliver a critical service. My role also involves working with the wider Axiologik teams to feed and bed-in transformational change to the client organisations, so that we can ultimately step away and allow the client organisation to work smarter and more efficiently on their own.

What is your favourite part of the job?

The beauty of this role is that you never know what you may have the opportunity to work on next. Specifically, in my current engagement as Senior Delivery Lead for the UK Health Security Agency, I’m able to see the value that we are bringing not only to Axiologik and the client organisation, but to the country as a whole, in supporting the delivery of pandemic solutions.

What kind of projects will you be overseeing at Axiologik?

I’m currently working within the UK Health Security Agency as a client-side End-to-End Delivery Lead, looking after the Private Provider Testing portfolio as well as several significant cross-cutting change initiatives. This engagement has been my first opportunity to work in the public sector, which so far has been challenging but thoroughly enjoyable.

What is your favourite project to date and why?

Projects and programmes are all about the people, ultimately, whether that be the team around you or the value you bring as a result of delivering something. If you’re surrounded by a good team, then every project can be enjoyable.

On that basis, probably one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on was an implementation of a master data management solution for a UK retailer. The subject matter may have been a little dry, but my team on the ground was highly talented and had a great culture of "work hard and have fun doing it". I can see this same culture within Axiologik and it really excites me to be part of such a talented team!

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