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Leading the transformation of the automotive industry

Specialist insight, advisory and programme/project delivery services for OEMs, finance, leasing and mobility companies, helping address the full spectrum of themes, trends and challenges that are transforming the sector

We help organisations unlock unique opportunities across the automotive industry

The future of an 120 year old industry is in question. The transition from ICE to EV, new digital and mobility propositions, opportunities from connected car, autonomy and AI are just some of the diverse trends and themes whitch are driving a storm of innovation and disruption across the automotive ecosystem.

To succeed in the future automotive world, organisations will need to deliver transformational change at unprecedented speed. New business and operating models will be required as traditional fleet, rental and retail sectors converge.

Critical digital aspirations will need to be rapidly realised to engage the digital consumer and support new retail and distribution models (e.g. OEM Agency).

Axiologik can help you realise these opportunities.

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How we help automotive companies succeed

We are automotive strategy and advisory experts. We specialise in enterprise blueprinting, designing and delivering new streamlined operating models orientated around customer value and a faster flow of outcomes to market. We help clients break down historic industry silos and design world class organisations aligned to the future automotive world. Our experience spans new entrant, merger / acquisition and enterprise TOM re-engineering scenarios.

We bring proven expertise in the design and implementation of new business lines and channels to market as automotive organisations evolve and extend their business models – e.g. B2C digital retailing, new agency and distribution models, subscription and mobility initiatives. We help clients gain insight from their customers and identify the outcomes that meet the needs of customers today and in the future, aligned to emerging automotive themes and opportunities.

Axiologik can demonstrate a significant track record in next generation enterprise architecture design and in helping major automotive organisations migrate from restrictive, legacy IT solutions to new harmonised enterprise architectures. We take a service and capability view of client strategy and recommend target and transition architectures that utilise COTS solutions that have been critically evaluated. We ensure architecture designs align to digital and omnichannel service access reflecting key industry trends.

We are decision support specialists assisting sector organisations with evaluation and selection projects across technology, application and BPO decisioning. We possess unique, in-depth knowledge re the international automotive COTS landscape (platforms and components) including vendor and solution maturity assessments, insights and intelligence across multiple criteria (e.g. features, architecture, implementation, service delivery, product road map etc).

We help sector organisations design and accelerate the delivery of enhanced digital solutions including next generation portals, apps and tools to support drivers, mobility managers, retail customers and intermediaries. We are experts in user centered design, breaking down previous siloed customer journeys to deliver a more seamless, intuitive and joined up financing and mobility experience.

Data strategy, architecture, engineering and operations for scaled, data - rich automotive enterprises. We help unlock the power of data available from connected vehicles and machine learning to develop future architectures and digital solutions that power customer personalisation, adaptive financing, vehicle diagnostics, increased driver safety and fleet efficiency.

Realising the major opportunities for the deployment of automation, robotics and AI across the value chain to enhance operational efficiency, analytics and customer experience – e.g. RPA, chatbots, virtual agents.

We specialise in leading and delivering critical change programmes, working as part of your team, in complex, high-pressure, time critical automotive environments - our track record spans the full range of sector organisations (e.g. OEM, finance, leasing and mobility).

We bring experienced, proven leadership resources to stabilise troubled projects and programmes - getting them back on track.

Spotlighting our automotive team

Find out more about some of our automotive team members, and gain an insight into why they love their role and how they can help you

"Through our deep sector understanding, proven automotive resources and recognised digital/technology expertise we help automotive clients accelerate change, de-risk decisioning and maximise ROI."


A new approach for a changing industry

Where our expertise lies

The accelerated transition from ICE to HEV, PHEV, BEV. Hydrogen and E-fuels driven by societal and governmental pressures (e.g. stretching 2030 UK and 2035 EU ICE replacement targets).

The increasing move from traditional car ownership models (buy or loan) to flexible subscription, multimodal mobility and micromobility usage models – including car-sharing, ride-sharing, ride-hailing and digital mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) transport platforms.

Accelerating adoption of these new technologies and tools across the automotive ecosystem including diverse manufacturing, sales, aftersales, logistics, finance, leasing and mobility use cases – with automation, communication, cost to serve, analytics and customer experience benefits.

The significant investment in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Technology) and level 3-5 vehicle autonomy by OEMs and major Tech players (e.g. Waymo, Alphabet and Cruise, GM). The increasing realisation of diverse opportunities from connected car data – e.g. new vehicle architectures, over the air updates, vehicle diagnostics, SMR management and driver safety.

Increasing challenges to traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ dealerships through the rise of direct, digital models (e.g. OEM B2C subscription) and increasing customer expectations re integrated, omnichannel journeys. In parallel, the increasing adoption of OEM Agency reshaping the traditional network franchise model with new direct OEM : client relationships and transparent, fixed pricing models.

The societal and governmental drive to address global warming and reduce air pollution. Reflected in the demise of diesel and the increasing transition from ICE to EV. Reduction of the carbon footprint across the full value chain and ESG performance is increasingly central to the mission statements of OEMs, and wider sector organisations.

The proliferation of new digital (B2C) retail finance and subscription platforms along with enhanced apps and portals, with full lifecycle capabilities and modern UI / UX, for mobility managers, intermediaries and drivers. Increasing customer omnichannel expectations driving significant RPA, intelligent chatbot and virtual agent adoption utilising AI and ML technologies.

Multiple international strategic OEM alliances to share investment costs for CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) technologies (e.g. BMW and Daimler, VW and Ford). Significant, ongoing merger and acquisition activity across the industry including OEMs (e.g. Stellantis and FCA), leasing / mobility providers (e.g. ALD and LeasePlan) and wider automotive value chain suppliers (e.g. Cox Automotive).

Multiple new BEV OEMs reshaping the market – e.g. Tesla, BYD, Nio, Polestar, Ora, Fisker, Lucid and Rivian. Cazoo and Cinch disrupting the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ used car sales model with digital retail propositions. Significant fintech activity in the mobility space - e.g. new subscription, car-sharing and EV mobility companies proliferating internationally.

The increasing breakdown of historic industry silos with increasing retail, fleet and rental sector convergence driven by evolving customer demands and evolving mobility propositions (e.g. subscription).

The transformation of OEMs and wider sector organisations including new business and operating models in response to multiple competing challenges including EV transition. omnichannel, agency, sector convergence, declining profitability and the need to develop new revenue streams and maximise customer / vehicle lifetime value as part of the ICE to EV transition.

A widespread accelerating drive to replace restrictive, often monolithic, enterprise IT landscapes (with low automation,, interoperability deficiencies and poor support for digital, omnichannel, mobility and connected car) with modern, flexible IT architectures. A trend evident across OEMs, finance, leasing and mobility organisations.

Don’t let legacy operating models & technology hold back your digital & mobility aspirations. Are you ready to take the next step on your strategic roadmap?

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